I dreamt of you last night. I dreamt your body was sighing,
your long limbs stretching miles down the highway.

I dreamt it was Summer and our fingertips turned shrivelled and pruned from hours too long floating in the lake, clothes sticky to our skin, hands clasped as we drowned in the sparkle.

I dreamt we kept our eyes shut and learnt to navigate
one another by touch alone.
I dreamt we stuck cotton wool in our ears
and slow danced our way into silent sex.

I dreamt we did not wipe our mouths to clean up the mess we made.
I dreamt the sun set only when we told it to, and you grabbed it with your wild fingers and wove the light into a dress you didn’t dare take off.
And you danced as if your bones wanted to thrash their way out of your skin.

You danced and you danced, and we drove down the highway
so quickly I had to reacquaint myself with my own breathing.
I thought the adrenaline rush would kill me.

You cracked the moon with your bare palms like it was nothing more than a flimsy shell and it oozed sepia. And you kissed it from your wrists so unashamedly.
And we were okay. And I never lied to you again. And I meant everything I said.

I dreamt of you last night. I dreamt we were whistling through the trees, our knees skinned and our hearts quivering. I dreamt we were spectacular. I dreamt we were made of electricity. I dreamt we still had time.

jessica therese, “I Dreamt of You Last Night” (via contramonte)

(via contramonte)

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